Kim Dao Goes To An Australian Wedding With Eric

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao just released a super special vlog with her boyfriend Eric. In this vlog, Kim will take you with her to a high school friend’s wedding ceremony. Anyone interested in this vlog just has to look up the title “Wedding with my boyfriend ❤️ | Kim Dao.


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao and Eric are in their car headed towards Kim’s friend’s wedding. Kim says her friend decided to have her wedding in a famous winery region of Perth called Swan Valley.


Once Kim Dao gets out of the car, she immediately feels the intense Australian heat. She says Perth is far hotter than Tokyo at this time of year.


When they reach the ceremony area, Kim Dao and Eric grab a few white umbrellas to beat the heat. Unfortunately, Kim Dao says the umbrellas aren’t really that effective against the strong sun. Learn more:


After the ceremony, Kim Dao and Eric go to a restaurant for the wedding reception. Kim Dao and her friends take a ton of photos outside wearing colorful masks. Thankfully, Kim Dao says it’s a lot cooler out now. Learn more:


When the bride and groom enter, Kim Dao films the momentous occasion. She also shows us the mouthwatering vanilla wedding cake.


Eric looks extremely exhausted as the night progresses. Kim Dao also films various uninhibited (and perhaps inebriated) party members dancing all their worries away.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao crashes at Eric’s place. Kim Dao says she had a great time catching up with all her high school friends at the wedding. Learn more: