Rubica: Protecting You From The Cyber World

Over the last two decades, we as human beings have experienced the evolution of the computer, internet, and technology as an important driver of our day to day lives. However, just like any other thing which is good, the internet still comes with its fair share of limitations. The biggest one is cyber security. Many people known as hackers have identified ways to infiltrate other people’s computers and maybe alter or take control of their entire systems, for financial or destructive gains. Cyber-attacks have become common with cases being reported in huge companies, individuals, and even governments sometimes.

Take for instance the “Wanna Cry” virus attacks that happened four months ago. The virus attacked over three hundred thousand computers and digital devices in one hundred and fifty countries, just but to indicate a few. Dubbed “the largest cyber assault of its kind,” the attack posed many questions in the cyber world that need to be answered if not tackled with appropriately. One essential question is, why is cyber security important? Well, research shows that depending on the magnitude of this ransomware and tracking down the amount of money spent by companies in setting up secure cyber connections, the issue has proven to be vital.

Recent ransom wares have been very severe posing a great challenge to the systems being put up by companies and individuals. A report by a global audit firm shows the high degree at which these cyber-crimes have grown in notoriety. The Recent case being that of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton whose, email accounts were hacked thus confirming the intensity of the ransom wares. The threats keep on increasing with a survey showing that cyber crime costs increased almost four times to around $500 Billion in the last five years.

However, despite all these cyber-attacks, there have been companies that have come up with the need to prevent individuals and companies from this ransomware (Twitter). Such a company is Rubica, a cyber-security company that is dedicated to protecting companies and individuals from cyber-attacks. The US based company comprises of an elite cyber security team who are derived from top agencies like the US Navy, NSA among others. The company partners with legal experts, investment groups and other professional bodies to offer information and enlighten people on the importance of cyber security.

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