Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker is a Hit

Joel Friant is a well-known entrepreneur and innovator. He created the Original habanero Shaker, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Joel enjoys helping others and has made it his mission to help others to success and to live how they want to live. He wanted to find out why some people are successful and why others are not.

Joel previously dabbled in real estate and home remodeling before entering the world of the restaurant business. He quickly became known as the “Thai Guy” after coming up with the “Fast Food Thai Concept” in 1995.

Joel’s love for the Habanero pepper began when he tried his first Habanero pepper back in high school. He fell in love with the pepper and set out to introduce the pepper to others.

The Habanero pepper is known for being very hot, but in its dried form it is much milder and makes a great compliment to many foods. He created the Original Habanero Shaker because there was nothing quite like it already on the market. There were similar shakers available, but they all had additives such as salt or were not made with high-quality or pure ingredients.

Joel became quite successful at flipping houses and began his own real estate business where he became pretty successful, but his real passion still lies with the hot Habanero pepper.

Joel took an online course on how to successfully market his invention on eBay and on Amazon, and he has also written some very informative and useful material on how to become successful in your passions. He has many publications and continues to learn as much as he can on how to become successful in what you love to do.

Joel does a lot of his thinking on his many bike rides, and he is always writing down his ideas down on paper so that he won’t forget his bright ideas.

Joel is very excited about the spice trend, and he has found that success is all physiological. He has learned many lessons about life along the way, and he’s found that it’s important to associate with the right crowd as well.

The Benefits Of Nutrisystem For Men


Most men don’t have time for long workout sessions, weighing food portions or counting calories. Nutrisystem provides these men with an effective, affordable, and convenient way to lose weight. Their delivery plan consists of prepared meals with convenient packaging, and nothing requires refrigeration. The portions are controlled, and the critical nutrients are there. The choices make grabbing a meal fast and easy.


Nutrisystem is effective for the average male because the plan takes into consideration men have more muscle, and the high metabolic cost can burn calories without movement. A man can lose weight and still eat more, so deprivation is eliminated. A higher metabolism and more muscle mass are encouraged by testosterone, so less effort is required to lose body fat.


The Nutrisystem plans are formulated for people wanting to lose weight in categories including diabetics, teens, heart health and sex. The differences between the sexes are accounted for, and there is a diet specifically for men. The selection of foods is large, and the calorie consumption is 1500 per day. Nutrisystem enables men to lose on or two pounds weekly while hardly noticing they are eating a little less.


The breakfast foods are amazing and include:


  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Granola cereal
  • Muffins
  • Chocolate biscotti bites


The lunches and dinners are incredible and include:


  • Mushroom stuffed chicken breast
  • Meatloaf sandwich
  • Meatballs in marinara sauce
  • Tuna melts


Nutrisystem calls the plan Lean 13 for Men, and even faster weight loss is a part of the program. The weight loss begins right from the start with a turbocharged journey called 7-day Turbo Takeoff. This includes:


  • One week of meals that have been designed specially
  • One week of TurboShakes packed with probiotics and protein
  • One week of NutriCrush bars designed to destroy hunger and packed with the fiber and protein required to remain fuller longer


Once the first week has been completed, men begin the conventional diet plan for Nutrisystem to continue achieving consistent weight loss. During the first month, men can count on seeing a weight loss of up to thirteen pounds. This is an incredible motivation to begin the road leading to an attractive and healthy new man.