The Oxford Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Offers Simple Investment Strategies

The Oxford Club is a private financial institution of investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to share their unique investment opportunities that they have discovered from all over the world. Although the Club prides themselves as being selective in choosing their members, they do have over 157,000 members from 131 countries. The club has one simple goal, and that is to assist their members in making money while helping them to protect it.

The Club’s success stems from the fact that they can quickly share investment ideas and opportunities through their publications. They spend the time doing the research and quickly pass on the information. This method allows members of the Club to build a portfolio that will thrive regardless of the state of the market. Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, offers three simple steps that all investors can profit from.

The first step is to save money. Most Americans do not have enough money saved for their retirement. Americans think that the government will help provide the funds that they will need when they leave their jobs. This is not true. If you are religiously putting money into your savings, start saving more. If you are not putting money away, it is time to start.

The second step is to make sure you are getting what you paid for. Investment costs and fees could be eating away at your investments. Make sure your returns are at greater percent than your costs and fees. Your investment manager should not be making all the money.

The final step is to rebalance. It is time to sell the stocks that are doing well and invest in those that are still maturing. This will offer protection to your portfolio.

What US Money Reserve Did To Support Citizens Of Houston During Harvey

It just can’t be said enough about how badly hurricane Harvey affected many lives and the suffering it caused many Texans. But there’s also been many stories of triumph thanks to people around the nation pouring out their hearts and reaching into their pockets to get the city of Houston back on its feet. Joining the effort to restore Houston was precious metals wholesale company US Money Reserve who pledged $100,000 to match all donations up to that amount. The donations were made through YouCaring and also done in partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network. US Money Reserved made sure that every dollar given went to the relief effort.


US Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and they sell precious metals all across the globe. Contrary to what you might think, gold and silver bullion are not purchased simply to collect rare coins, but actually as an investment for when paper currency is devalued so much or becomes worthless. Precious metals have been used all throughout time and never have a value of zero, and central banks and governments cannot set interest rates or control it the same way that they can with fiat currency, even though at one time President FDR passed an executive order banning gold hoarding. But US Money Reserve understands the importance of owning gold during very unstable economic times, and they help customers understand all the benefits and risks of buying it. Learn more:


The president of US Money Reserve is Philip N. Diehl, a man who’s worked a lot with precious metals including the years he served as the 35th US Mint Director. While at the Mint, he made their commemorative coins program stronger than ever and started utilizing the power of interactive e-commerce on their website. The Mint started turning billions in profits, and by the time Diehl’s term there had ended he had made the agency one of the most sound financial government agencies at the time.


Diehl has spoken at many gold summits and conferences. and one reason he chose to work for US Money Reserve once he entered the private sector is because of how much they strive to make buying gold easy to understand. US Money Reserve even offers an information kit that’s free and provides steps on how to transfer an IRA into gold and silver. They also have a newly-designed website to accommodate mobile devices as well, and for customers who have questions or need more assistance, there is Client-Connect Advantage for live support.