Gregory Aziz Successful Individual

Gregory J Aziz is a very successful industrialist. He is the CEO and President of the successful company National Steel Car. National Steel Car is one of the nation’s well-known railway shipping automobile manufacturing and construction companies. National Steer Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario.


Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario. He was born in the year 1949. Gregory James Aziz went to Ridley College. After attending Ridley College Gregory James Aziz went to University of Western Ontario. At the University of Western Ontario his studies focused on economics.


After attending University of Western Ontario James Aziz joined his family run food company known as Affiliated Foods. Affiliated Foods continued to expand and grow throughout the years. The growth and expansion of Affiliated Foods resulted in the family run company becoming an international importer. During the later years of the 1980’s Gregory James Aziz was associated with numerous funding possibilities in the area of New York. By the year 1994 Gregory J Aziz was able to coordinate buying National Steel Car. His primary goal for National Steel Car during that time period was to revolutionize National Steel Car into a dominant railway freight automobile corporation. Gregory J Aziz has guided National Steel Car towards much success throughout the years. Currently, National Steel Car leads in contemporary automobile innovation.


James Aziz displays great determination, expertise, and persistence on a daily basis as the CEO and President of National Steel Car. Some of his skills include management, critical planning, engineering, and consignment related matters. He makes sure that his company consistently provides manufacturing and engineering perfection each and every day. He also makes sure that his company consistently demonstrates high standards and genuine ethics towards the community it serves. Gregory J Aziz takes great pride in the accomplishments his company has done since its early establishment. Gregory J Aziz has lead the company to receive recognition and awards throughout the years. He has helped National Steel Car to gain positive and noteworthy credibility throughout the years. Overall, Gregory J Aziz has demonstrated great leadership skills and incredible expertise that has contributed significantly towards the success of his company.


Gregory J Aziz is married. Gregory J Aziz and his wife are active supporters of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the most arresting horticultural fair in Canada.

In conclusion, Greg Aziz is a very successful and accomplished individual. (See This Article for more information).

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