Sussex Healthcare Have Their Gym Services Open To All

Sussex Healthcare is a facility with over 25 years of support services and care homes. It has over 20 homes which are fitted with high tech equipment necessary to provide services to the elderly, persons with neurological disorders, and those on specialized care.

This independent organization was founded in 1998, in Sussex, London, where it provides its services. It has over 700 employees who include nurses and doctors who are available for professional help 24/7. All staffs at Sussex healthcare are highly trained and have a great mastery of their areas of focus. They use a holistic approach to assess each individual and ensures that they achieve their nutrition, health, personal and social goals.

Sussex Healthcare services and programs

Recently, the organization has opened a gym in Horsham, West Sussex, for the disabled and elderly for the people they are caring for in their facilities, as well as those of the same caliber living in the neighborhood. The gym has elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, underwater treadmills, a pool with hot tubs for hydrotherapy, among others.

Experts with diverse skills are based in the gym. Together they come up with a suitable exercise plan for each of their clients, putting into consideration their needs, limitations, current condition and health history.

The facility has a fitness program where ambulatory persons exercise freely, though the experts ensure they have the optimal best without taking unwarranted for risks. Other than this, there is also a program for those with mobility limitations. It aims at improving the mobility for people suffering from painful arthritis, sore muscles, joint issues. Swimming, hydrotherapy, aquatic exercise and others exercises are provided for these people depending on their conditions, to help them regain optimal mobility.

Those with cognitive disabilities also have a suitable program for the at Sussex. Their cases are handled depending on whether their condition is out of neurological conditions or age. These people are made to understand the program and have fun undergoing it.

Sussex healthcare is best known for their person-focused care and commitment to it. A range of activities is available in each facility, with activities such as gardening, sewing, crafts being among them. People with nutritional plans are also recommended there, where they receive professionally planned meals fit for them.

The serene and welcoming environment wraps everything up.

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