All about the American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects popularly termed as AIA is a qualified and most importantly professional organization in the United States of America. It is very much unique in its service of providing education to the willing. Also, this firm is so far interested and ventures on community redevelopment and public teachings to aid improve architectural skills which are to be put to more practice in the physical world. The organization’s step of not only merging but also working hand in hand with other design professionals has contributed significantly to the raising the bar of the building industry.

AIA is an NGO type of organization which was formed in the year 1857. Over those years, the firm has served so much with much success on its side holding its headquarters on the famous Washington D.C. Its membership enrollment has widely grown to ensure the company never dies. American Institute of Architects headed by the one and only Robert Ivy has not only served one state in the U.S but instead the whole of America. Formally, the institute’s foundation started in New York City where some architects with significant ideas on the perfection of Science and practical projects came together to work with one voice, aim, vision and objectives.

The act of these architects bonding and working together gave rise to AIA that is about two centuries ago. Later on, the architects continued welcoming other qualified architects into the firm. Though at first, this was a little bit tricky, it was one of the primary methods which fueled the positive growth of this business. At this pace, the number of professional architects hiked in a systematic speed. After growing, the institute had to change its name from New York Society of Architects which was the first name given to the organization to the current name American Institute of Architects.

This company has thousands of certified architects known to be professionals by the government of U.S. With all these; it is so much essential to remember that though architectural gurus have a membership position in this remarkable organization, the all follow its laws and code of ethics. This is to convince the public and the clients as well that the firm is very suitable in the field it is in. Since this company is so much comprehensive, there are different membership levels which different people hold on to. So far, AIA is among the top most architectural institutions which run with so much success on its side.