The Benefits Of Nutrisystem For Men


Most men don’t have time for long workout sessions, weighing food portions or counting calories. Nutrisystem provides these men with an effective, affordable, and convenient way to lose weight. Their delivery plan consists of prepared meals with convenient packaging, and nothing requires refrigeration. The portions are controlled, and the critical nutrients are there. The choices make grabbing a meal fast and easy.


Nutrisystem is effective for the average male because the plan takes into consideration men have more muscle, and the high metabolic cost can burn calories without movement. A man can lose weight and still eat more, so deprivation is eliminated. A higher metabolism and more muscle mass are encouraged by testosterone, so less effort is required to lose body fat.


The Nutrisystem plans are formulated for people wanting to lose weight in categories including diabetics, teens, heart health and sex. The differences between the sexes are accounted for, and there is a diet specifically for men. The selection of foods is large, and the calorie consumption is 1500 per day. Nutrisystem enables men to lose on or two pounds weekly while hardly noticing they are eating a little less.


The breakfast foods are amazing and include:


  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Granola cereal
  • Muffins
  • Chocolate biscotti bites


The lunches and dinners are incredible and include:


  • Mushroom stuffed chicken breast
  • Meatloaf sandwich
  • Meatballs in marinara sauce
  • Tuna melts


Nutrisystem calls the plan Lean 13 for Men, and even faster weight loss is a part of the program. The weight loss begins right from the start with a turbocharged journey called 7-day Turbo Takeoff. This includes:


  • One week of meals that have been designed specially
  • One week of TurboShakes packed with probiotics and protein
  • One week of NutriCrush bars designed to destroy hunger and packed with the fiber and protein required to remain fuller longer


Once the first week has been completed, men begin the conventional diet plan for Nutrisystem to continue achieving consistent weight loss. During the first month, men can count on seeing a weight loss of up to thirteen pounds. This is an incredible motivation to begin the road leading to an attractive and healthy new man.

Jeremy Goldstein Shares 3 Reasons Corporations Are No Longer Offering Employees Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer with over 15 years of experience. He is the guy big corporations turn to when they need legal advice about employee benefits. Learn more:


He has been a part of some of the biggest transactions in the world with companies such as Duke Energy, Chevron, Bank One and Verizon just to name a few.


Here are the 3 reasons Jeremy Goldstein believes corporations are no longer offering employees stock options:


#1 – The Value of The Stock May Drop


Stocks are very volatile and can drop at any moment. If stocks drop significantly employees will no longer be able to exercise their stock options. Even still the business will be required to report the expenses associated with those options. Its a losing situation for a corporation.


#2 – Economic Downturns


As a successful business lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has seen first hand the devastation a bad economy can cause. If the economy should suddenly take a turn for the worst, all stock options will become worthless.


It becomes more like betting in a casino than make a sound investment decision. Because we can never predict when an economic downturn will take place, more and more corporations are becoming wary of this type of employee compensation.


#3 – They Can Be Burdensome


When it comes to accounting stock options can prove to be very burdensome. The costs associated with facilitating such transactions will often eclipse any financial gain.


For some staff members, having a higher yearly salary is more beneficial than having stock options.


The Benefits of Stock Options


Even with those three issues, Jeremy Goldstein believes there are still some advantages to offering stock options. The biggest benefit is that employees tend to understand stock options and they make it possible for the corporation to provide something of equal value to all employees.


Another benefit is the fact the staff may work harder being that their stock options will only rise if the company does good.

All about the American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects popularly termed as AIA is a qualified and most importantly professional organization in the United States of America. It is very much unique in its service of providing education to the willing. Also, this firm is so far interested and ventures on community redevelopment and public teachings to aid improve architectural skills which are to be put to more practice in the physical world. The organization’s step of not only merging but also working hand in hand with other design professionals has contributed significantly to the raising the bar of the building industry.

AIA is an NGO type of organization which was formed in the year 1857. Over those years, the firm has served so much with much success on its side holding its headquarters on the famous Washington D.C. Its membership enrollment has widely grown to ensure the company never dies. American Institute of Architects headed by the one and only Robert Ivy has not only served one state in the U.S but instead the whole of America. Formally, the institute’s foundation started in New York City where some architects with significant ideas on the perfection of Science and practical projects came together to work with one voice, aim, vision and objectives.

The act of these architects bonding and working together gave rise to AIA that is about two centuries ago. Later on, the architects continued welcoming other qualified architects into the firm. Though at first, this was a little bit tricky, it was one of the primary methods which fueled the positive growth of this business. At this pace, the number of professional architects hiked in a systematic speed. After growing, the institute had to change its name from New York Society of Architects which was the first name given to the organization to the current name American Institute of Architects.

This company has thousands of certified architects known to be professionals by the government of U.S. With all these; it is so much essential to remember that though architectural gurus have a membership position in this remarkable organization, the all follow its laws and code of ethics. This is to convince the public and the clients as well that the firm is very suitable in the field it is in. Since this company is so much comprehensive, there are different membership levels which different people hold on to. So far, AIA is among the top most architectural institutions which run with so much success on its side.

The Resignation Of Brandao As Chairman Of Bradesco Triggers A Succession Race At The Company

The current CEO of Brazil’s Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco told reporters that the company will pick its new CEO from internal candidates following the resignation of its chairman Lázaro Brandão. Bradesco, the second largest bank by market value, will announce the name of its new CEO 30 days before its collegiate meeting after the shareholders assembly that will be held in March, 2018.

Brandao resigned on Wednesday at 91 years-old after serving in the chairman position for 25 years and staying with the company for 75 years according to He’s considered as one of the world’s oldest bank chairmen and one of the most prolific bankers in the world. During his formal resignation announcement, Brandao said that Trabuco will take over as Chairman and CEO of the lender assuming the leadership roles until the company chooses a new CEO in March next year.

Brandao joined Bradesco at a young age of 16 years when he started serving as a clerk in 1943. Over the years, he has been climbing the ladder of leadership roles where he has worked as one of the two chairmen that Bradesco has ever had since its inception and four of its CEOs. He held the position of CEO since 1981 to 1999 when he was replaced by Márcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano, who was also succeeded by Trabuco Bradesco in 2009. Brandao holds the number one employee badge in Bradesco that has its headquarters in Osasco.

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The Company’s Talent Pool

Brandao embraced a culture of promoting junior executives in the company to higher management roles whenever necessary instead of hiring new talents from outside. Trabuco’s announcement seems to be fostering that culture when he declared that Brandao’s replacement will be picked from within the company’s management team. Brandao is, however, expected to be an advisor to Bradesco’s shareholders and in charge of the lender’s holding companies. Trabuco told journalists on that the choice of the new CEO has to respect the company’s own talent pool. Some of the most likely seven candidates to take over the CEO position at Bradesco include:

• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu: at 58, he’s responsible for the treasury and lending department and has been working for the bank since 1981.
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher: at 57, he’s the lender’s chief risk officer and has been working for Bradesco since 1976.
• Octavio de Lazari: at 54, he was appointed to head the insurance unit of Bradesco in May and he joined the company in 1978.
• Mauricio Machado de Minas: at 58, he is charge of the lender’s IT department and has been working here since 2009.
• Josué Augusto Pancini: at 57, he is in charge of the lender’s branch network and has been working for Bradesco since 1975.
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha: at 52, is in charge of the bank’s corporate and investment banking and has been working for Bradesco since 2003.
• André Rodrigues Cano: at 59, is responsible for the human resource department and he joined the company in 1977.

The current CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilla in 1951 and started his professional career at the company in 1969. He became the director in 1984 and was later elected Vice President in 1999. He continued climbing the ladder when he was appointed the Chairman of Bradesco Seguros Group, a position he held from 2003 to 2009 before he was elected the new Banco Bradesco CEO in 2009.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,prisao-dos-irmaos-batista-nao-impactam-risco-da-jbs,70001996105