Richard Blair Wealth Advisor

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an expert financial advisor backed with 20 years experience. His RICP, CAS, CFS, CES certifications in finance coupled with his financial knowledge help his clients to secure their future. Wealth solutions Inc. or WSI advisory group offers comprehensive financial advice in business and personal finance.

The WSI advisory group is based in Austin, Texas. One of the goals of the group is to educate the world on how to invest. Mr. Blair family instilled the importance of education in his life. His grandmother, mother, and wife served as school teachers. He believes that with education a person’s financial outcome will improve. Financial knowledge is power to reach your financial goal.

The group has the ability to create specific tailored financial plans for every client. The group believes one must have a financial plan to reach the desired goal. Then a strategic plan must be followed in order to reach that goal. The advisory group is based on three major pillars of a holistic approach to financial management.

Pillar 1 involves defining what the client wants. This step is designed to identify what the client strengths are as well as weaknesses. This step should be thought of as setting the roadmap. The client’s purpose for seeking the WSI advisory is addressed. All financial goals are clearly identified and stated.

Pillar 2 involves creating the strategy to achieve pillar 1. The strategy to lead the client to their specific financial goal. This comprehensive approach is tailored to meet the clients liquidity needs and investment goals. The advisory group maintains their client’s financial management by reallocating assets. More specific the group minimizes their clients impact in negative market periods.

Pillar 3 takes action to meet the client’s financial needs. Any insurance needs the clients may have is addressed and met during the third pillar. The client’s long-term needs are met to ensure the stated goals and plan is executed. The insurance needs of the clients are also addressed at this point. The group meets personal financial goals and retirement plans. They help businesses as well as individuals.


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