Richard Blair Wealth Advisor

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an expert financial advisor backed with 20 years experience. His RICP, CAS, CFS, CES certifications in finance coupled with his financial knowledge help his clients to secure their future. Wealth solutions Inc. or WSI advisory group offers comprehensive financial advice in business and personal finance.

The WSI advisory group is based in Austin, Texas. One of the goals of the group is to educate the world on how to invest. Mr. Blair family instilled the importance of education in his life. His grandmother, mother, and wife served as school teachers. He believes that with education a person’s financial outcome will improve. Financial knowledge is power to reach your financial goal.

The group has the ability to create specific tailored financial plans for every client. The group believes one must have a financial plan to reach the desired goal. Then a strategic plan must be followed in order to reach that goal. The advisory group is based on three major pillars of a holistic approach to financial management.

Pillar 1 involves defining what the client wants. This step is designed to identify what the client strengths are as well as weaknesses. This step should be thought of as setting the roadmap. The client’s purpose for seeking the WSI advisory is addressed. All financial goals are clearly identified and stated.

Pillar 2 involves creating the strategy to achieve pillar 1. The strategy to lead the client to their specific financial goal. This comprehensive approach is tailored to meet the clients liquidity needs and investment goals. The advisory group maintains their client’s financial management by reallocating assets. More specific the group minimizes their clients impact in negative market periods.

Pillar 3 takes action to meet the client’s financial needs. Any insurance needs the clients may have is addressed and met during the third pillar. The client’s long-term needs are met to ensure the stated goals and plan is executed. The insurance needs of the clients are also addressed at this point. The group meets personal financial goals and retirement plans. They help businesses as well as individuals.


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What US Money Reserve Did To Support Citizens Of Houston During Harvey

It just can’t be said enough about how badly hurricane Harvey affected many lives and the suffering it caused many Texans. But there’s also been many stories of triumph thanks to people around the nation pouring out their hearts and reaching into their pockets to get the city of Houston back on its feet. Joining the effort to restore Houston was precious metals wholesale company US Money Reserve who pledged $100,000 to match all donations up to that amount. The donations were made through YouCaring and also done in partnership with the Austin Disaster Relief Network. US Money Reserved made sure that every dollar given went to the relief effort.


US Money Reserve is based in Austin, TX and they sell precious metals all across the globe. Contrary to what you might think, gold and silver bullion are not purchased simply to collect rare coins, but actually as an investment for when paper currency is devalued so much or becomes worthless. Precious metals have been used all throughout time and never have a value of zero, and central banks and governments cannot set interest rates or control it the same way that they can with fiat currency, even though at one time President FDR passed an executive order banning gold hoarding. But US Money Reserve understands the importance of owning gold during very unstable economic times, and they help customers understand all the benefits and risks of buying it. Learn more:


The president of US Money Reserve is Philip N. Diehl, a man who’s worked a lot with precious metals including the years he served as the 35th US Mint Director. While at the Mint, he made their commemorative coins program stronger than ever and started utilizing the power of interactive e-commerce on their website. The Mint started turning billions in profits, and by the time Diehl’s term there had ended he had made the agency one of the most sound financial government agencies at the time.


Diehl has spoken at many gold summits and conferences. and one reason he chose to work for US Money Reserve once he entered the private sector is because of how much they strive to make buying gold easy to understand. US Money Reserve even offers an information kit that’s free and provides steps on how to transfer an IRA into gold and silver. They also have a newly-designed website to accommodate mobile devices as well, and for customers who have questions or need more assistance, there is Client-Connect Advantage for live support.



The American Institute of Architects: Advocating for Public Relevance of Architecture While Driving Professionalism in the Design and Construction Industry

The American Institute of Architects is a Washington D.C-based professional body of architects and other associated partners that is redefining the design and construction industry. It was founded in 1857 by a group of 13 architects with the aim of supporting architects in their profession as well as to keep the profession relevant in the industry. The organization achieves its mission through public awareness, education, and advocacy.

Members Benefits

AIA has been very helpful to its members in several ways. It helps them maintain their licenses by sponsoring them to further their education. The upcoming architects benefit from the unlimited resources relevant to build their careers from the organization. AIA also ensures that the members are always abreast with the happenings in the construction and design industry particularly the economic status for their businesses. Through awards programs available at the organization, architects are compelled to give their best and maintain excellence in their works.


AIA has reached greater heights with the help of experts such as Robert Ivy. He took up the leadership in 2011 and has since worked relentlessly to see the organization become influential and responsive in its activities. He has adopted modern technology in the firm to enhance smooth running of operations. He is also credited for aligning the administration that has enhanced decision -making processes. Ivy is a former student of The University of the South where he graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He then proceeded to Tulane University for his Master of Architecture graduating in 1976.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy started his career in 1981 as a Principle for an architectural firm, Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy. He left the company in 1996 to join Architectural Record as the Editor in Chief. He was very instrumental to the company in his 14 years tenure there, growing the architectural journal to an award-winning level. Among the honors that the journal received under his leadership include the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence and the premier magazine journalism award. The same duration, Robert worked for McGraw-Hill Construction as the Vice President and Editorial Director. In 1996, he joined the American Institute of Architects where he is currently working as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer.

Throughout his career, Robert has received several recognitions for his impressive work. The awards include the Crain Award by the American Business Media. He was also named the Master Architect by the National architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi.

Whitney Wolfe the Match-Maker Meets Her Match

Having helped many people find their life partners through her dating app Bumble, it was now time for Whitney Wolfe, the Founder, and CEO of Bumble to find her match as well. She got married to Michael Herd in an epic, fashion-filled wedding held in Positano, Italy. However, it should be noted that the couple didn’t find each other through Bumble dating app. Their meeting was a different story altogether. Their first meeting was in 2013 in Aspen while they were both vacationing for Christmas. Their connection started when Michael Herd asked Whitney to teach him how to skydive and what followed is just a history.

Two years later in June 2015, Michael proposed to Whitney Wolfe in his ranch in Texas when she went to visit him. He proposed at sunset after they had had a horse ride. Whitney says it was an amazing experience to be proposed to at such a special place with only the two of them in the world. After the proposing, the couple went for a celebratory trip to Italy, and that is where they started their wedding plans. They set their wedding location in Positano and started looking for vendors to put the wedding plans into motion.

Cynthia Cook Smith from Cynthia Cook Brides was the first in the list. She is the one who styled Miss Wolfe in Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurent, and Giambattista Valli. Next on the list was Sugokuii Events’ Diana Sorensen who handled everything during the wedding including booking of the amazing venue, Villa Tre Ville. The couple had a clear vision of their designated wedding. They envisioned it to be an unending party. Their welcome bags at the Villa Tre Ville were another celebration of their wedding destination. With the word “Limoncello Herd” hand-painted on the bags, nothing could be more fascinating than that. The bags also contained personalized gifts with their monogram on almost everything inside and outside.

Whitney’s wedding gown was couture, Oscar de la Renta made of corded rose lace featuring a four-foot-long train containing a scalloped trim. In addition to the gown, Whitney wore a cathedral-length veil, Marlo Laz earrings custom-made by her friend Jesse Lazowiski and Gianvito Rossi heels. God blessed their wedding by making it rain. It hadn’t rained for months, but on that day it did. In Italy, it is believed when it rains on your wedding day then it is a sign of fresh beginning, cleansing, and purity of marriage.

About Bumble

Bumble is a women-focused dating app that forces women to initiate the conversation. Whitney Wolfe founded the app in December 2014, and by February 2017 the app had more than 12.5 million registered users. In case you are looking for a platonic relationship, you can use the Bumble BFF to find a friend. In this, you are presented with a single match at a time and browse through that person’s photos.

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