The Inspiration that Drives Mike Baur

As any entrepreneur would agree, inspiration is a big part of career success. Businesses are not easy things to start; they require absolute dedication and determination. There needs to be a certain level of passion and drive to ensure the company’s success.

Mike Baur built up his passion for entrepreneurship over his 20-year career in banking. Though he believed that banking would always be his home, he always wanted to explore a more entrepreneurial career. With that being said, he career in banking was not wasted time. Since his first job at a Union Bank of Switzerland, he’d been a success.

He worked for UBS for over 15 years, earning numerous promotions and generous compensation. Despite his success, he left in 2008 for a job at another bank. He worked with Clariden Leu for another six years, earning the same kind of success and compensation he’d earned at UBS.

In 2014, he left Clariden Leu and went out on his own. After meeting a fellow Bern University graduate, Max Meister, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF immediately became Baur’s new passion. Helping young tech entrepreneurs get their companies up and running made him happy in ways he never thought possible.

It was fun for Baur, helping startups build their names while building SSUF’s name at the same time. Their first year of business, Baur discovered a brilliant way to build SSUF’s name while also helping their startups get the attention of numerous investors: pitching contests. That first year, Baur served as a juror at START Summiteer.

Aside from SSUF, Baur also works with other investment companies. He owns his own financial advice firm, and he created an event called Swiss Startup Day. The event was co-created by SSUF and CTI Invest. That partnership led to another partnership.

SSUF’s name says it all. It’s called a factory for a reason. Factories reflect some many positive attributes that all successful companies need to thrive. His company works hard to continuously produce promising startups that can benefit Switzerland’s economy in both the long and short-term.

Baur’s also driven by his love of being his own boss. He had a career as an employee, which was lucrative, but it didn’t make him happy. He chose his own path rather than do something he didn’t like anymore.


Effective Treatment of Sleeping Disorders with Avi Weisfogel

Through the years studies have shown by medical specialists specify that a human body must have better sleep in order to work efficiently. Furthermore, nine hours is the amount of sleep that a body needs to refresh. Those people who are affected by facial issues such as the drooping mouth, dark circles under eyes, sagging eyelids and dark circles under both eyes are those who don’t have adequate sleep. Apart from that hair loss is another sign for less sleep this is due to follicles get nurture when an individual is asleep.

One of the best professional doctors in New Jersey is Avi Weisfogel who specializes in sleeping disorders. He has an experience of working for the past two decades and has enough experience and expertise with sleep apnea treatment. Sleep apnea is one of the dangerous conditions since it enables an individual to have less sleep. He also has a development Healthy Heart Sleep that is meant to educate physicians on how to cure various sleeping conditions. In addition, he also founded Owner Unlimited Sleep which is used to also teach dentist on how they can exploit their equipment in providing sleep therapies.

Avi Weisfogel’s also made a massive accomplishment through the improvement of Dental Sleep Masters, whereby he carried a long research in the organization to conclude how the treatment of sleeping disorders can be linked to dentistry. He furthermore introduced different techniques such as using oral appliances to treat patients who are suffering from sleeping disorder hence they can have sufficient sleep. Patients with the sleeping disorder are grateful due to the invention of a device that they use to support their jaws in order for the airway to open and they can sleep peacefully.

Another organization that he has worked as a dentist in Old Bridge for over 20 years, the success of Old Bridge Dental Care is due to the exceptional methods that he always introduced in the organization hence the number of patients increased in the organization. He got his degree in dentistry from New York University. Lastly, he has been able to be part of various charities project through helping the needy to get medical care.

Water for Health, Focus, and the Environment: Waiakea Water

Water is a very healthy drink for people who want to improve their health and get in shape. This is one of the common beliefs that people have about health. However, while it is for the most part true, it is not as simple as people would believe. Even though water is healthy, there are some contaminants in water depending on the source. For one thing, tap water often has enough contaminants to make it acidic. The level of acidity depends on the city that the tap water comes from. Some cities have relatively good tap water. Waiakea water goes above and beyond.

For those that are worried about their water, they often have the solution to get bottled water. The only thing is that this can also bring forth other problems. For one thing, bottled water is not necessarily good for people either. Some of the bottled water companies get their water from acidic sources as well. This makes the whole deal of water rather dangerous in that the contaminants can bring forth other health issues if they are constantly consumed. Fortunately, there are some bottled water companies that make sure that the water they get is from a good source.

One example of a good source of water is Waiakea. Waiakea comes from a volcanic spring. One of the best things about this source of water is that the water is filtered through the volcanic rocks. As the water passes through the rocks, it collects minerals and electrolytes so that it provides people with more than fluids. The best part is that this type of water is sustainable. It is also very pure in that no one accesses this water. The water is pure until it is put into the bottle. When people drink Waiakea water, they experience the difference in the taste and also find themselves feeling healthier and more focused. Waiakea is also working on implementing a fully degradable bottle to hold their water.

Daniel Mark Harrison Leads in Business and Journalism

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur, author, chain evangelist, and journalist. He is currently the CEO and chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. which handles assets belonging to him and other family members. He is also a managing partner of Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is described as a fintech and blockchain investment bank. Monkey Capital is currently working on a billion-dollar ICO. If the venture succeeds, the firm will be the first company ever to raise a billion dollars through crowdfunding. The company’s success is attributed to Harrison’s wealth of knowledge and experience in business and good leadership skills. He is also currently also an editor in chief at CoinSpeaker.

Work History

Before joining Monkey Capital, Daniel Mark Harrison worked for other companies. He was once a publisher and editor in chief while at Marx Rand. Harrison also worked as a columnist for The Motley Fool and as a senior managing consultant at Minisuco Limited. He co-founded Stanley Court Limited in 2010. While at St. Helen’s Capital PLC, he was the head of private clients. He, therefore, has a wealth of skills and experience in entrepreneurship, investment banking, asset management, private equity, journalism, digital media, and business management, among others.

Literary Works

As a journalist, publisher, editor, copywriter and author, Harrison’s literary works have brought a lot to light. At Marx Rand, one of his publications exposed how an undercover FBI agent was doubling as the head of the Ku Klux Klan. His time here also exposed how Toyota was propagating slave labor. At CoinSpeaker, he exposed The End of CoinDesk’s proxy Index, which led to changes in CD’s index. His journalistic work is not only focused on exposing shuttering stories that would have otherwise remained hidden. At the Motley Fool, his work and suggestions on the US and UK stock markets positively contributed to people’s financial opinions. Harrison has also written for Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The, and other online dailies. He has also volunteered for several finance journals in the USA, at, and Credit Flux.

Educational Background

Daniel Mark Harrison attended several universities for his education. He has a master’s degree in business journalism from New York University and an MBA in general business administration and management from the BI Norwegian Business School. Harrison also attended Oxford University for a Bachelor of Arts in Theology which he, however, enrolled for the first year of the course only.

Louis Chenevert Redefined Corporate Success While At The Helm Of UTC

Louis Chenevert’s skills have enabled him to succeed highly in life, and he now stands as a role model for many corporate managers who want to lead their companies to the same level of success that is associated with that of the lad. Louis Chenevert is well studied, and he applies what he knows in a very meticulous way while the same time trying to avoid anything that can end up putting him on the side of loss.

Louis Chenevert’s retirement from the helm of United Technologies Corporation came as a shocker to many as it has never been expected that a person can resign from a well-performing company. The trend in the corporate industry, has been that CEO‘s and those at the top managerial level only vacate office when they fail to meet the goals that are expected of them. However, Louis Chenevert believes that to make an impact in any field of life, one should leave what he/she touches in a better state that it was previously.

Louis Chenevert has continually implemented this strategy since he started working at General Motors and Pratt & Whitney as the Production Manager. As a result, Louis Chenevert is continuously referenced in different platforms as a reflection of success in corporate leadership. He looks forward to making his hobby one of the most excellent success stories in the industry of yacht building. Louis Chenevert’s focus is now placed on the eventual construction of ships at a company of his own.

Louis Chenevert’s engagement in boat building has led him to corporate with other well-established organizations in the industry such as Horizon. Since he has previously been engaged in the field of production, he understands all that it takes to create success in this area. That is why he decided to join hands with a company that had the resources and technological expertise.

Louis Chenevert understands quite well that the process of production requires in inputs, and the manipulation of whatever materials will be employed in the process determines the kind of success that will be obtained. His engagement in the field of production has mainly been associated with technological advancement, and this is because he understands the importance of changing the methods of production and adopting the best techniques each step of the way. Chenevert currently works for Goldman Sachs.