The Secret To Female Entrepreneurship Is In The Details

If you ask Doe Deere, the popular founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, what the secret to being a successful female entrepreneur is, chances are she’ll say it has to do with your beauty routine and how you start your day. Doe Deere recently shared the secret to how she gets gorgeous with Savoir Flair. Her morning routine includes all the essentials: breakfast, stretching, and plenty of pampering.


How you start your day has such an impact on how the day will play out. Doe Deere keeps her morning as free from distractions as possible so she is able to direct her creative energy to thinking up new products – she says she’s working on developing a facial foundation (yes, please).


Yoga has recently risen in popularity both because of its health benefits and how it calms the distracted mind. Doe Deere herself is an aficionado of the “cat/camel” series of yoga poses; she says it opens up her back. A centered body is key to a centered business, and it’s clear Doe Deere is not only fully grounded, she’s also extremely ambitious – a drive that extends to Lime Crime. The cosmetics company recently had several successful product launches. In the spring, the Unicorn Hair collection of semi-permanent hair dye debuted to ecstatic reviews on Instagram. At The Chic Daily, blogger Marisa Pieper was excited that Lime Crime, one of her favorite bands, had joined the unicorn trend.


It’s clear from responses like this that Doe Deere has her finger firmly on the pulse of what makes beauty trends so popular. But, while Unicorn Hair might create an ethereal look, Doe Deere never has her head in the clouds. She makes sure to wash her face in the morning to prep before putting on her makeup. Favorite products? Doe Deere says she’s currently in love with the Glossier face wash, which smells like roses.


Once she’s finished washing her face, Doe Deere takes her time putting on her makeup. While she’s currently developing that Lime Crime foundation, Doe Deere uses L’Oréal True Match or the MAC Studio Fix. It all depends on the type of day – although, if we know Doe Deere, any day is bound to be one fit for a unicorn.


For Doe Deere, putting on her face is more than just a habit, it’s a ritual. Blush and lipstick are her favorites to apply; she loves a bold lip color. She brings this same spirit of focus and whimsy to work, where she arrives in time to have lunch and socialize with her team. Aspiring female entrepreneurs can take a cue from this queen of the unicorns to embrace their own dreams – and make them come true.


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