Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the Exceptional Sleep Dentistry Specialist

Sleeping for at least seven to nine hours gives the boy enough time to rejuvenate and rest. If one gets enough sleep their health and appearances never suffer. A disorder which prevents so many people from getting the amount of sleep required of them is called Sleep Apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has tremendous experience of over 20 years in the treatment of this sleep apnea condition. He tries to find possible ways of helping people who have sleep disorders.

Avi Weisfogel has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and biology from Rutgers University. He further acquired his DDS from University College of dentistry at the New York University. Immediately after graduating he came up with Old Bridge Dental Care, which was his own practice. He is a great inventor and likes doing things in different and unique ways.

With his genuine desire to help other doctors grow in the field of sleep disorders, Dr. Avi Weisfogel managed to come up with a number of programs to offer a helping hand. His Healthy Heart Sleep condition was intended to impart the knowledge he has acquired over the years to the other physicians. Further, he founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient for the same reason of imparting knowledge and teaching other physicians on the best possible ways of providing care to sleep patients. The same foundation provided for room for collaboration between Dental professionals and experts.

Over his years of experience and expertise, Dr. Avi Weisfogel come to realize that oral appliances could be of immense benefit in helping sleep apnea patients to get their full night sleeps. In line with this he therefore uses his Dental Sleep Masters Organization to bring together sleep disorder and dentistry. In this case the devices used are specifically intended to support individual patients jaws and helps to open the air ways and thus with no interruptions from any one they can be in a position to comfortably sleep through the night. In order to give quality services that are satisfactory to his clients he goes an extra mile of communicating through emails or texts, webinars which runs monthly, visits to sites , webinars that run monthly and also quarterly basis retreats. When he is not working he derives fun from sports. He loves watching basketball and tennis.

Waiakea Water: An Emerging Leader

Water is a simple thing for most people. It is readily available, and most people buy bottled water for drinking. It is not so everywhere in the world. Companies that want to help those in need of fresh water are appreciated and celebrated in the society. One such company is Waiakea Bottled Water. This company from Hawaii holds high standards of water sourcing and other parts of their business. From the moment they source the water to the moment the last bottle hits the shelves, they are working tirelessly to reach new heights.

Leadership and Growth

Their growth is astonishing. Just between 2014 and 2016 the company market growth of more than 1059 percent. Their success is admired by other companies, and Waiakea Bottled Water was included in the list of Inc. 5000. It is a list which celebrates businesses like this, and now this volcanic water company is rubbing shoulders with Microsoft, Zappos and GoPro.

The CEO of Waiakea Bottled Water, Ryan Emmons, expresses his happiness and pride about this achievement. He says the standard can only go up now and his employees and colleagues agree. They work tirelessly to offer their customers an entire experience of a Hawaiian Volcanic water.

They are environmentally friendly, and their packaging is recyclable. The success strengthened the belief that the company can give back. They now work on innovation to find better and more eco-friendly ways to source their water.

Water Can be a Donation

Another important part of their job is charity. Waiakea Bottled Water donates 650 liters of water for every liter water bottle they sell. It just proves that there are more important things in business than revenue. People who work at the Waiakea cherish water and understand that some places on earth are not as blessed.

The company partners with Pump Aid to create and provide accessible solutions in Africa where water is scarce. Clean drinking water for everybody is one of their priorities, and they want to contribute to ending the thirst in Africa. This initiative inspires other companies to do the same and contribute to the cause. High standard and work ethic are two of the factors that help Waiakea Bottled Water grow, and they are not stopping anytime soon.

The Video Services of Securus Technologies

With all of the advancements being made in technology, it has gotten to the point where communication devices can send and receive video. Therefore, people can engage in video calling and other features. There is no reason to not take part in this type of calling. Even Securus Technologies is making it so that inmates in jail and prison are able to enjoy video visitation from their families. The good news is that there are ways for people to get involved in the features getting in contact with family. One good thing about the video services at Securus Technology is that like phone services, there are plenty of video options.


Among the options that Securus allows families of the inmate to take part in is the Anytime visit feature. This feature is great because it allows people to visit from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they are. For one thing, they are able to enjoy the company of the inmate no matter what time it is. Another advantage is that they do not have to worry about whether they are outside the visiting times. Then there is of course the ability to avoid lines. There are plenty of other advantages to the video services of Securus Technologies.


For those that are interested in getting video service, the site allows people to sign up for an account. Of course all that is needed is for one to provide his name and contact information. Afterwards, he has to provide his payment information so that he can enjoy the service. He also has the choice of the type of service he wants so that he can enjoy keeping in contact with the inmate while he is in other places. With video communication services, the connections that are maintained can be better than ever.


Interesting Things To Enjoy In The Napa Valley

Napa Valley is known for its fine wine thanks to its highly fertile lands. Apart, from the vineyards, however, there are so many fascinating sights you could catch provided you deviate from the commonly used road. For instance, you could stop over at the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, widely known for the most enjoyable weather conditions in the United States. The climate here allows you to explore your wild side during an enjoyable adventure, which includes activities such as climbing up Mount St. Helena to get a good view of the scenery.

Alternatively, you can let time pass while relaxing at the Calistoga Ranch Resort. The area is decorated by natural hot springs from which tourists enjoy getting therapeutic massages and baths using the fresh water. The Auberge also has numerous other activities one could enjoy such as painting lessons, hot air balloon rides, yoga classes and hiking.

No one who appreciates 3-D art wants to pass the Napa Art Walk. The event sees the works of many creative minds brought together as all kinds of amazing sculptures are displayed. It provides a good platform to hunt for pieces of art you would want to have in your living room.

If you want to stick to wine tasting, Traveling Vineyard is the company to associate yourself with. The Ipswich, Massachusetts based company was founded in 2001 to act as an interface from where members could communicate and organize in-home wine tastings. On paying a one-time fee, the company sends a kit that contains wine educational materials such as notes on wine varietals, sample accessories, glasses and ten bottles of wine to be used in the wine tasting.

Traveling Vineyard has a wide social network from which different hosts connect and prepare for the events. Guests taste different kinds of wine and at the end have an opportunity to order the type they are impressed by. Wine guides play an instrumental role on the company and are paid according to how much marketing fees they make from the sale of wine to consumers. You can consult Traveling Vineyard for this and more fun.

Find more about Traveling Vineyard: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Traveling-Vineyard-Reviews-E403511.htm

Rubica: Protecting You From The Cyber World

Over the last two decades, we as human beings have experienced the evolution of the computer, internet, and technology as an important driver of our day to day lives. However, just like any other thing which is good, the internet still comes with its fair share of limitations. The biggest one is cyber security. Many people known as hackers have identified ways to infiltrate other people’s computers and maybe alter or take control of their entire systems, for financial or destructive gains. Cyber-attacks have become common with cases being reported in huge companies, individuals, and even governments sometimes.

Take for instance the “Wanna Cry” virus attacks that happened four months ago. The virus attacked over three hundred thousand computers and digital devices in one hundred and fifty countries, just but to indicate a few. Dubbed “the largest cyber assault of its kind,” the attack posed many questions in the cyber world that need to be answered if not tackled with appropriately. One essential question is, why is cyber security important? Well, research shows that depending on the magnitude of this ransomware and tracking down the amount of money spent by companies in setting up secure cyber connections, the issue has proven to be vital.

Recent ransom wares have been very severe posing a great challenge to the systems being put up by companies and individuals. A report by a global audit firm shows the high degree at which these cyber-crimes have grown in notoriety. The Recent case being that of Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton whose, email accounts were hacked thus confirming the intensity of the ransom wares. The threats keep on increasing with a survey showing that cyber crime costs increased almost four times to around $500 Billion in the last five years.

However, despite all these cyber-attacks, there have been companies that have come up with the need to prevent individuals and companies from this ransomware (Twitter). Such a company is Rubica, a cyber-security company that is dedicated to protecting companies and individuals from cyber-attacks. The US based company comprises of an elite cyber security team who are derived from top agencies like the US Navy, NSA among others. The company partners with legal experts, investment groups and other professional bodies to offer information and enlighten people on the importance of cyber security.

More about Ransomware at https://technewsspy.com/2017/08/10/proactive-approaches-to-personal-cyber-security-thanks-to-rubica/

Kim Dao Goes To An Australian Wedding With Eric

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao just released a super special vlog with her boyfriend Eric. In this vlog, Kim will take you with her to a high school friend’s wedding ceremony. Anyone interested in this vlog just has to look up the title “Wedding with my boyfriend ❤️ | Kim Dao.


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao and Eric are in their car headed towards Kim’s friend’s wedding. Kim says her friend decided to have her wedding in a famous winery region of Perth called Swan Valley.


Once Kim Dao gets out of the car, she immediately feels the intense Australian heat. She says Perth is far hotter than Tokyo at this time of year.


When they reach the ceremony area, Kim Dao and Eric grab a few white umbrellas to beat the heat. Unfortunately, Kim Dao says the umbrellas aren’t really that effective against the strong sun. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/


After the ceremony, Kim Dao and Eric go to a restaurant for the wedding reception. Kim Dao and her friends take a ton of photos outside wearing colorful masks. Thankfully, Kim Dao says it’s a lot cooler out now. Learn more: http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/kimdao


When the bride and groom enter, Kim Dao films the momentous occasion. She also shows us the mouthwatering vanilla wedding cake.


Eric looks extremely exhausted as the night progresses. Kim Dao also films various uninhibited (and perhaps inebriated) party members dancing all their worries away.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao crashes at Eric’s place. Kim Dao says she had a great time catching up with all her high school friends at the wedding. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog



The Secret To Female Entrepreneurship Is In The Details

If you ask Doe Deere, the popular founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, what the secret to being a successful female entrepreneur is, chances are she’ll say it has to do with your beauty routine and how you start your day. Doe Deere recently shared the secret to how she gets gorgeous with Savoir Flair. Her morning routine includes all the essentials: breakfast, stretching, and plenty of pampering.


How you start your day has such an impact on how the day will play out. Doe Deere keeps her morning as free from distractions as possible so she is able to direct her creative energy to thinking up new products – she says she’s working on developing a facial foundation (yes, please).


Yoga has recently risen in popularity both because of its health benefits and how it calms the distracted mind. Doe Deere herself is an aficionado of the “cat/camel” series of yoga poses; she says it opens up her back. A centered body is key to a centered business, and it’s clear Doe Deere is not only fully grounded, she’s also extremely ambitious – a drive that extends to Lime Crime. The cosmetics company recently had several successful product launches. In the spring, the Unicorn Hair collection of semi-permanent hair dye debuted to ecstatic reviews on Instagram. At The Chic Daily, blogger Marisa Pieper was excited that Lime Crime, one of her favorite bands, had joined the unicorn trend.


It’s clear from responses like this that Doe Deere has her finger firmly on the pulse of what makes beauty trends so popular. But, while Unicorn Hair might create an ethereal look, Doe Deere never has her head in the clouds. She makes sure to wash her face in the morning to prep before putting on her makeup. Favorite products? Doe Deere says she’s currently in love with the Glossier face wash, which smells like roses.


Once she’s finished washing her face, Doe Deere takes her time putting on her makeup. While she’s currently developing that Lime Crime foundation, Doe Deere uses L’Oréal True Match or the MAC Studio Fix. It all depends on the type of day – although, if we know Doe Deere, any day is bound to be one fit for a unicorn.


For Doe Deere, putting on her face is more than just a habit, it’s a ritual. Blush and lipstick are her favorites to apply; she loves a bold lip color. She brings this same spirit of focus and whimsy to work, where she arrives in time to have lunch and socialize with her team. Aspiring female entrepreneurs can take a cue from this queen of the unicorns to embrace their own dreams – and make them come true.


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