Uncovering Jail Secrets Using the Securus Technologies System

Working in a very crowded prison is a very dangerous job for me and all my fellow corrections officers. In recent weeks we noticed that inmates were getting their hands on more contraband than they had in years. We decided to step p our efforts in a number of areas to try and curb the problem.


The visitor center is the most vulnerable because here is where the inmates get to interact with people on the outside, and if persuaded, will bring things into the prison for those inmates. My team has to check each visitor with a physical search, run them through a metal detector, and even an x-ray machine. These inmates have come up with very creative ways for those visitors to get them what they need.


Even with the threat of the visitors spending time in jail for violating these rules, the issue seemed to be getting worse. It was around this time that we had Securus Technologies in the prison and setting up our brand new inmate call monitor system. The LBS software was going to do the job of several officers, allowing us to listen in on every minute of every call more intently.


Not a day after we started listening to the calls did we discover more inmates talking about using drugs in their cells or scoring more drugs from other inmates. It was one call in particular that would normally have slipped by that opened a can of worms that broke the case wide open.


One inmate was giving his visitor detailed instructions how to enter the jail, to the point it was very suspicious. The inmate was told to see a certain corrections officer, one who later was revealed to be corrupt and making more in letting people pass than he did on the job.