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My wife and I love SCUBA diving. When we lived in China for 13 months as foreign teachers we were able to travel to exotic destinations all around South-East Asia. One of our favorites was Mabul Island in Malaysian Borneo.


Surrounded by pristine water and friendly faces it was no wonder that this was one of the best and most eco-friendly places to dive in the world. Hawksbill and Green Sea turtle conservation efforts are steadily on the rise on this small island paradise. Learn more: http://wildarkonline.com/


The local Malaysians and some Filipinos living on this island once ate turtle eggs regularly as they are a prevalent source of food and can be used for a variety of dishes. But luckily local dive shops have pooled together to give money in exchange for every turtle egg turned over by the local Malaysians. In turn, this keeps the local turtle population safe from interference. Learn more: http://www.mq.edu.au/newsroom/2017/02/09/macquarie-and-wildark-partner-on-a-world-first-research-study-to-identify-the-top-100-umbrella-species/


Conservation organization Wild Ark also seeks to protect turtles around the world in places like Watuma Bay, Kenya where their Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) invites locals to protect and enjoy their own sea turtle wildlife. With Wild Ark you can stay in unique accommodations and explore the wildlife surrounding this beautiful destination in Coastal Africa. Learn more: http://www.planet.fr/sport-un-militant-nomme-pocock.1236860.29338.html


Wild Ark’s purpose is to conserve various green areas around the world. In doing so they also spread a message of conservation and the importance of nature and it’s effect on our everyday life. By partnering with them, you can aid in their mission of making our planet a safer place for wildlife.


Founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson hope that their passion for wildlife conservation will pass on to future generations. Along with their many Wild Ark ambassadors, Mark and Sophie have compiled stories, news and even tours where you can explore parts of the world where the vision for wildlife conservation is taking place. Please join us.


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Uncovering Jail Secrets Using the Securus Technologies System

Working in a very crowded prison is a very dangerous job for me and all my fellow corrections officers. In recent weeks we noticed that inmates were getting their hands on more contraband than they had in years. We decided to step p our efforts in a number of areas to try and curb the problem.


The visitor center is the most vulnerable because here is where the inmates get to interact with people on the outside, and if persuaded, will bring things into the prison for those inmates. My team has to check each visitor with a physical search, run them through a metal detector, and even an x-ray machine. These inmates have come up with very creative ways for those visitors to get them what they need.


Even with the threat of the visitors spending time in jail for violating these rules, the issue seemed to be getting worse. It was around this time that we had Securus Technologies in the prison and setting up our brand new inmate call monitor system. The LBS software was going to do the job of several officers, allowing us to listen in on every minute of every call more intently.


Not a day after we started listening to the calls did we discover more inmates talking about using drugs in their cells or scoring more drugs from other inmates. It was one call in particular that would normally have slipped by that opened a can of worms that broke the case wide open.


One inmate was giving his visitor detailed instructions how to enter the jail, to the point it was very suspicious. The inmate was told to see a certain corrections officer, one who later was revealed to be corrupt and making more in letting people pass than he did on the job.

Whitney Wolfe And Her Leadership At Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble, and she has created an atmosphere around the company that the public enjoys. This article explains how the company is offering the best services to women who wish to date, and they are growing every day in new and interesting ways.

Whitney Wolfe is one of the best tech executives in the world, and she is showing why she has been lauded for her work many times over.

#1: Bumble Is Growing

Bumble is growing with the Bumble BFF app that will help women make friends in the same way they have dated. The person who has downloaded the app may use it to make friends, and they will find that there are a number of different people who may have the same interests as them.

#2: The Dating App

The dating app gives women quite a lot of control because they decide which men they want to talk to. They will notice how simple it is to keep away any man who would harass them, and they will give men a chance to talk only if they have been vetted. Whitney Wolfe created this app to ensure that women would feel safe, and she has grown the app with the safety marketing angle.

#3: Her Leadership

Whitney Wolfe has led the company for many years, and she is helping it grow to ensure that the women who want to date in a better way will feel the freedom that comes with this app. The app is easy for women to put on their phones, and the app is easier for women to use when they want to meet men in a better environment.

The Bumble has become a worldwide name that everyone knows or wants to try. The app has grown from its origins to help all women Date safely, and they are coming out with an app that will help women make friends. The woman who wishes to have a much better time making friends will notice how simple it is to start this new app to find new friends in their area.

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Sheldon Lavin: The Brilliant CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is one of the most crucial people in OSI Group and has played a major part in the company’s success in recent times. Sheldon Lavin leads the company from his position of CEO and has proven to be a perfect fit for the company. Sheldon Lavin, however, did not start out in the field of meat production, but rather in the field of finance.

Infact, before Sheldon Lavin worked at OSI Group, the company was one of his clients. In the 1970s, when the company was undergoing a significant change with their production, Sheldon Lavin was responsible for making sure that the company’s finances were in order and that everything was fine with the deals that they had with some large clients. He worked extremely closely with the leadership of OSI at the time and then decided to switch over to the company and work full time.

Sheldon Lavin has been extremely beneficial to OSI group and has set in motion numerous changes which have improved the working of the company. He was responsible for the company’s recent upgrade in technology which they use for their processing units. One of the reasons why OSI group has managed to stay atop the competition is because they have constantly adapted to everything that is new in the meat processing industry – right from the machines they use, to their packaging.

As CEO, Sheldon Lavin is one of the most vital parts of the company and works alongside the leaders to ensure that the company gives their clients the best product possible. He was also instrumental in taking OSI Group to international waters. Currently, OSI Group has its production units in countries like China. McDonald’s’ there as well are being supplied with meat by OSI Group, making them a truly globalized company.

What makes Sheldon Lavin such a Great CEO is the fact that he is dedicated to the success of OSI Group. A food lover himself, he tries his best to ensure that OSI Group is always putting out only the highest grade of products for their clients and their consumers.

Learn more about Sheldon Lavin on http://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423650/Sheldon_Lavin

Eva Moskowitz And Her Leadership Of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO of Success Academy, and she has had a distinguished career in education that has brought her to this place. She is leading one of the finest educational companies in America, and she is putting together schools that will serve children well no matter their educational needs. This article explains how Eva has done the work that is required to grow this brand.


#1: Eva Moskowitz And Success Academy


Eva Moskowitz is known today for being the CEO of Success Academy, and she has spent decades in education working on many levels. She knows how to lead schools that will bring greater success to students, and she uses his public sector and private sector skill set to the table.


#2: What Does Success Academy Do?


Eva has set up Success Academy to offer personal instruction to the students who count on the school every day. They have opened many schools across America to serve kids who need an alternative education, and Eva often promotes the alternative education that these students needs. She knows that a child who is given a better education today at Success Academy will move on to greater things in the future.


#3: How Does Eva Advocate For Her Students?


Eva Moskowitz is a name that is known across the education industry for advocating on behalf of all students who need a better education. The students who come to her schools are there because they need to be taught in a new way, and Eva leaves the Success Academy open to as many new educational techniques as possible. She would rather help students learn in a new way than force them to learn in a manner that does not work for them.


The career of Eva Moskowitz is one that has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children. The Success Academy is touching lives every day as children learn more than they could have ever imagined in a building that suits them. These children may have the dream of college realized, and Eva will continue to grow this brand to help the alternative student.