Best family SUV deals

You can save thousands on a new family SUV, thanks to our Target Price discounts, which are available exclusively to What Car? readers

Hennessey Project Deep Space Teased As $3M Six-Wheel-Drive Electric GT

Surprised? So are we.

10 unfairly maligned classics

20 of the best 4x4 classics

Safety warning issued to every driver after cycling surges during Covid lockdown

The Covid pandemic has caused a huge increase in people getting onto bikes, but now drivers are being urged to make sure they stay safe around the vulnerable road users by the AA

Motorists suffered worst summer for pothole breakdowns in 15 years

From July to September, the RAC attended 1,810 car failures caused by potholes in England - the highest third quarter for 15 years despite traffic being at pre-pandemic levels for most of the year.

Fuel retailers ‘will lose all credibility’ if they don’t cut prices THIS WEEK

The RAC says unleaded petrol is 12p a litre too expensive, while diesel costs 10p a litre too much – and is urging retailers to make cuts.

Best used family cars: Audi A3 tops the list on an average budget

Values of the top 10 used family cars recommended by experts have all risen in price by by between 13% and 35% in the last 12 months.

Octopus in NatWest deal to accelerate electric car business

Octopus Electric Vehicles wants to buy £500million of cars from Tesla, Volkswagen, Nissan and others over the next year.

Opinion: the tiny Copen GR Sport is the sports car we need

Where have the affordable two-seat sports cars gone? The Toyota-enhanced Copen GR Sport is the kind of roadster the UK needs and deserves.

Ford Bronco Driver Deserves Award For Having Fun In The Mud

Ford designed the Bronco to get dirty.

Everrati electric Land Rover Series llA 2021 review

Everrati has converted a classic Land Rover Series IIA to electric power. Is the result sacrilegious or inspired?

Power-league: all the members of the 1000 horsepower club

We take a look at the world's most powerful cars - and how EVs are now joining the party

Which TSB branches are set to close?

Which TSB branches are set to close? - The bank is closing 70 branches next year but will your local one be affected?

Vauxhall Plug & Go offer makes going EV easy

Vauxhall has launched a comprehensive starter package for electric car drivers called Plug & Go that includes a home charger and BP Pulse subscription The post Vauxhall Plug & Go offer makes going EV easy appeared first on Motoring Electric.

‘Critically flawed’: Review of new Tesla sparks debate after writer claims problems with autopilot

The vehicle’s tendency to brake seemingly randomly caused the reviewer to call the car ‘unsafe’ and advised consumers to stay away

Driving mistakes everyone makes - and how to fix them

What Car? gives its tips on how to drive better, safer, and more comfortably

20 cars that tell us why 2-tone paintwork needs to make a comeback

Here’s a colourful look at 20 cars that rocked the two-tone look

Six out of seven motors nominated for Car of the Year are pricey EVs

The cheapest nominated EV - the Skoda Enyaq iV,- is priced from £32,010, with the £2,500 Government Plug-in Car Grant of £2,500 included.

Dad given hefty parking fine after driving 'wrong car' for family day trip

One motorist has spoken out after getting hit with a £60 fine for parking but entering his registration details incorrectly, and now the company is not backing down

Motorists set to face a spike in £70 fines from next year

A new regulation being laid out by the DfT next month should open the door in spring 2022 for councils to issue fines for these contraventions.

A secret tour of BMW GB’s incredible car collection

We explore a secret warehouse containing all BMW’s UKs heritage cars. The collection includes a 2002 Turbo, E30 M3 and 507 roadster

25 £25k classics for sale tomorrow

The most reliable hybrid cars - and the least

Hybrid cars are complex machines, but does all that technology make them unreliable? Here we reveal the most and least dependable models...

25 car brands that no longer exist

The Ford Escort story: how Britain’s best-seller blew it

Launched in 1968, the Ford Escort consistently topped the UK car sales chart for 42 years. We chart the highs and lows of a popular hero.

Honda e long-term review: report 9

Life with a Honda e. This month, Peter gets a clever fast charger installed at home, which takes advantage of cheap off-peak electricity. The post Honda e long-term review: report 9 appeared first on Motoring Electric.

This Unique 1969 Chevy Camaro Promotional Cutaway Could Be Yours

There won’t be a half-off discount.

Unusual driving offences: what are they and how much could you be fined?

Did you know you could be fined £60 and get three penalty points for driving a car covered in snow? Find out more about this and other little-known driving offences

2022 Mazda CX-5 Details Emerge: New Trim Levels, Higher Base Price

There's a bit more power from the turbo models, too.

Ford Maverick Pushes Payload Capacity With Rugged Ranch Work Test

Is the front-wheel-drive hybrid up to the task?

Northern Ireland thrash North Macedonia again in Women’s World Cup qualifiers

Simone Magill was on target again after putting four past the same opposition last week

New EV test reveals real-world range – and how far cars travel with ZERO battery

European awards organisation AUTOBEST has tested the 15 best-selling EVs to find out their real-world range… and how far they can go with zero battery left. The post New EV test reveals real-world range – and how far cars travel with ZERO battery appeared first on Motoring Electric.

Drone-style flying Renault 4 created for 60th anniversary

The AIR4 concept car demonstrates a futuristic, airborne version of the classic Renault 4L. Sadly, you can't buy one.

Fuel prices rise for 10 consecutive weeks

Fuel prices rise for 10 consecutive weeks - Record highs set in April 2012 were exceeded last month, and prices have continued to increase since then.

BMW’s most shocking design moments

The new BMW Concept XM SUV is in the spotlight for its design but this is not the first time BMW has shocked with styling.

Renault Arkana: Quite a likeable car

CAR REVIEW: The SUV market is saturated: in fact, it’s a niche gone mad. This new Renault certainly doesn’t disgrace itself but it’s not particularly distinctive either, writes Sean O’Grady

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Blackline Pack Debuts With Dark Styling

It includes 22-inch black wheels with self-leveling badges in the center.

DHL delivery driver is caught on CCTV hurling a £50 scooter over WALL

CCTV shows the scooter flying over Paul Hepworth's 8ft wall at the family home in Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, before crashing into garden furniture and landing in the courtyard.

'Car insurance glitch told me I had a crash - in the sea, 30 years before I was born'

Telematics 'black boxes' can save you money by rewarding safe driving and lowering your insurance premiums, but when they make mistakes the opposite can happen, as drivers are finding out

Number of unlicensed vehicles on UK roads up by 85,000 in two years

Statistics published by the Department for Transport shows an estimated 719,000 untaxed vehicles are being used.

Retro hot hatch supertest: 19 legends driven

Ferrari SF90 Spider Wooden Toy Car Took 25 Days To Make

It does come with working steering, suspension, and folding roof.

Refreshed Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe Spied Showing Updated Face

It should hit the market next year.

Think twice before buying an e-scooter as a present this Christmas

There were 484 casualties involving e-scooters last year, and riders can also face a £300 fine if they use them on a public road.

Car dashboard warning lights: what do they all mean?

We explain what the warning lights on your car's dashboard tell you. Pay attention, or the car could fail its MOT – or much worse.

Crazy concept cars of the jet age

Join us for a look at when concept cars almost literally went to the stars

Nissan puts Sunderland at heart of £13bn electric car production push

The Japanese car maker announced plans to develop 23 electric models worldwide by 2030. By then, half the cars it sells globally will be electric.

10 weird hidden Italian treasures

2022 What Car? Reader Award contenders revealed

Our annual Reader Award goes to the upcoming model that people are most excited about, with this year's voting now open